ATTIX is a Community Interest Company, everything we seek to do is for the benefit of local communities empowering people creating new opportunity and bringing people together. 



ATTIX is developing multiple renewable energy projects across the west of Scotland including wind and hydro electricity projects as well as heat energy including SRC planting and biomass all with the aim to tackle inequality and fuel poverty 



We help in the development of strategy and offer consultancy services to businesses, social enterprises and entrepreneurs seeking to establish or expand.

Heritage, Arts and Culture

We are passionate about promoting and protecting heritage for future generations by encouraging sustainable economic development of historic sites by re-purposing them for modern use to support cultural heritage as well as increasing accessibility and community involvement in arts and culture. 

Economic Development

We put sustainable economic development at the heart of all our projects this includes creating employment opportunities to community led regeneration.  

Health and Sport

ATTIX aim to promote wellbeing as well as expand access to sport through our community projects with sport clubs including redevelopment and expansion of facilities.  


We support farmers in farm diversification opening new opportunities for revenue generation, promoting environmental solutions and support local farmers produce in our projects as part of wider rural economic development.  

Skills and Employment

We aim to establish employment opportunities and provide for training and skills for liifelong learning 

Financial Services

We aim to create a financial services division which will aim to invest ethically and support communities with access to finance 


Radio City 1A Bridgend Kilbirne, Ayrshire,

KA25 7DF

For general enquiries contact

Call us on 07711038711

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