ATTIX CIC is engaged in multiple wind sites across the west of Scotland which will result in the substantial proceeds being re-invested into local social and community projects.

Community Wind Projects

ATTIX CIC is creating community hydro projects allowing for major social re-investment in local communities.

Community Hydro

ATTIX CIC and partners are aiming to create a social enterprise and community hub in the Knox Institute building in Kilbirnie allowing for sustainable future use of the category B-listed local landmark built in 1892

Knox Institute

ATTIX CIC alongside our partners ETHX Energy are working to combat fuel poverty by introducing new sources of heating technology including biomass district heating and ASHP  as well as planting of SRC as a process to bio-remeiate land and provide environmentally friendly and carbon neutral fuel

Renewable Heat

ATTIX CIC alongside Radio City Association and Digital Scotland assisted in the rollout of superfast broadband to the Garnock Valley area of North Ayrshire

More than 900 homes and businesses in the Kilbirnie area are now able to connect to high-speed fibre broadband as part of the £428M Digital Scotland Superfast Broadband programme.

Superfast Broadband

With funding from North Ayrshire Council  ATTIX CIC and Radio City Association are creating walking routes to enable education of local heritage sites as well as to combat mental health issues and bring together other local community organisations

Garnock Valley Trails

Alongside Aspire Scotland part of the Priory Group's Education department we are working to create new opportunities to aid their expansion

Priory Group


Radio City 1A Bridgend Kilbirne, Ayrshire,

KA25 7DF

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